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Episode 61: When Your Bull Knows You Like It Rough….

November 11th, 2019

Episode 61 of the sexy swinger and hotwife podcast, Front Porch Swingers, once again introduces Brenna's regular bull and friend, Clint, into the mix. Clint tells Brenna to prepare for a surprise during their most recent hotwife encounter, which got Brenna's mind racing about all the sexy possibilities....Find out what surprise he had up his sleeve this time around, during a very rough and steamy sex session! Plus, Brian provides yet another Single Guy Tip of the Week!

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Episode 60: Back in the Saddle Again!

November 4th, 2019

Episode 60 of the sexy swingers podcast, Front Porch Swingers, recounts Brenna getting back in the saddle after several weeks of not playing with a new playmate. Brenna reached out to a single guy on their BDSM site, the duo met him on Friday, and by Sunday, he and Brenna were having a hot and heavy hotwife encounter! Hear how he totally impressed Brenna AND Brian, as well as Brenna's future plans of play!

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Episode 59: Brenna’s Hunt for a Dom

October 28th, 2019

Episode 59 of the sexy swinger podcast, Front Porch Swingers, includes Single Guy Tips of the Week from several of our listeners. Plus Brenna and Brian, discuss a brand new adventure: Trying to find Brenna the perfect Dom for some very hot BDSM hotwifing play! Don't miss the details, download today!


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Episode 58: Soft Swapping with Sexy Ladies

October 21st, 2019

Episode 58 of the sexy swinger podcast, Front Porch Swingers, details Brenna and Brian's time with a lovely blonde single lady! Yes, you heard it right, a single LADY! After months of correspondence, Brenna and Brian finally pull the trigger on an interaction with a lovely lady. After drinks and chatting for hours, this slutty duo followed this lady back to her hotel room, where she and Brenna had QUITE the night together. Hear how Brian got involved, as well as future plans with this particular single lady.


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Episode 57: Brenna’s FAVORITE Hotwife Adventure

October 14th, 2019

Episode 57 of the sexy swinger podcast, Front Porch Swingers, details what Brenna is describing as her VERY FAVORITE lifestyle experience to date! Brenna, Brian, and Clint share an amazing experience on a Sunday afternoon that leaves Brenna red, shaking, and satisfied on the highest level! Hear all of the naughty details today! Plus, we tease a single lady experience we also had this weekend....

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“You Gotta Wear a Condom, Stranger!”

October 7th, 2019

Episode 56 of the sexy swinger podcast, Front Porch Swingers, is now available! This time, Brenna sets up a hotwife date with a sexy out-of-towner. Things are going so smoothly....until they aren't. Hear how AMAZING oral play for over an hour quickly took a left turn when the single guy proved he hadn't disclosed the necessary details during Brenna and his discussions. It's a cautionary tale with a very sexy ending!!


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Episode 55: An Impromptu Banging

September 30th, 2019

Episode 55 of the sexy swinger podcast, Front Porch Swingers, is near and dear to our hearts. First, our ONE YEAR PODCASTING ANNIVERSARY is this week! We are so proud and thankful of the following the show now has, and we can't wait to see what Year 2 brings! Second, this time around, we recount an incredibly steamy encounter between Brenna and a playmate that Brian had NO IDEA was in the works! Hear at the same time he does what naughtiness Brenna got up to this week! And as always, Brian presents another Single Guy Tip of the Week to help out you potential bulls!


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Episode 54: Well, That Didn’t Go as Planned….

September 23rd, 2019

Episode 54 of the sexy swinger podcast, Front Porch Swingers, details our latest trip to the Denver area, in which we took part in a docuseries filming, met friends at a large lifestyle club for a foam party, and learned some very big lessons about ourselves. An introspective episode full of take-aways and a dash of naughtiness too! 

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Episode 53: Kinky Dating and Loving that Bod

September 16th, 2019

Episode 53 of the sexy swinger podcast, Front Porch Swingers, is now available! This time, we chat about what it's like to date when you're a kinkster, an AMAZING email Brenna received from a listener about body positivity in the lifestyle, and our upcoming trip to Denver! Plus, Brenna reveals a sexy secret to Brian at the end....You won't want to miss it!


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Episode 52: A Double Dose of Naughtiness

September 9th, 2019

Episode 52 of Front Porch Swingers retells not one, but TWO hot experiences between Brenna and her regular FWB, Clint. Hear about brand new experiences the two shared, as well as Brian's thoughts on all of it. Plus, Brian provides another Single Guy Tip of the Week, we talk about our future trip to Denver, AND we break some big news happening in our world! 

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