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Episode 106: Brenna’s Poly Date

September 21st, 2020

Episode 106 of the sexy swinger and hotwife podcast, Front Porch Swingers, details our last 4 INSANE days! Brenna first played with "blindfold guy," and we explain how that experience differed from the one we retold in Episode 105. Then, Brenna gets asked out on a legit date with a single guy her age....Hear both Brenna's and Brian's reaction to this experience! 

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Episode 105: Brenna’s Stranger Fantasy

September 14th, 2020

Episode 105 of the sexy swinger and hotwife podcast, Front Porch Swingers, details Brian's efforts to fulfill a stranger fantasy for Brenna. Hear how it worked out for ALL parties involved (hint, it was STEAMY as hell!) Plus, why is it that Brian needs to recreate this fantasy already? Things didn't go exactly as planned....

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Episode 104: Two Ladies….For Dessert?

September 7th, 2020

Episode 104 of the sexy swinger and hotwife podcast, Front Porch Swingers, details our recent weekend with our lovely lady friend! She came to enjoy dinner, a sleepover, and potentially other sexy activities....Hear about the naughty dessert she and Brenna planned for Brian! Plus, what was it like to have another woman sleep at our place? The answer may surprise you!


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Episode 103: Aiden Returns!

August 31st, 2020

Episode 103 of the sexy swinger and hotwife podcast, Front Porch Swingers, includes a Single Guy Tip of the Week that resulted from Brenna getting VERY excited about a single guy, only to be let down...Not nearly as much of a bummer as it sounds, it was a learning lesson we are eager to share! THEN, Brenna's playmate, Aiden, returns to our sexual repertoire after months of not seeing each other! Hear how he has changed, and how said changes resulted in some of the hottest sex they have ever had! 

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Episode 102: Sex Toys, with Shameless Sex!

August 24th, 2020

The wonderful ladies of the Shameless Sex podcast join us to discuss some of the most interesting and innovative sex toys on the market! We specifically cover toys perfect for us slutty, nonmonogamous folks, and things you should consider when taking toys to a play session. This interview is both educational and fun as hell, and we wouldn't expect anything less from April and Amy!

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BONUS! Jeff Abraham of Promescent Returns!

August 21st, 2020

You guys asked for it, and we are delivering! Jeff Abraham, CEO of Promescent, came on our show a few months back, and we were bombarded with questions for him on all things sex, delay spray, and Promescent! He returns to answer some of those questions, plus we dive a little deeper into the man behind the company. We hope you all love this interview with Jeff as much as we loved chatting with him!

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Episode 101: A Naughty Weekend Apart

August 17th, 2020

Episode 101 of the sexy swingers and hotwife podcast, Front Porch Swingers, details a weekend in which Brian traveled to Nashville for both work and pleasure....And Brenna was left in Montana to her own devices! Hear how each of us enjoyed the weekend apart, despite missing the hell out of each other! Check out all of the details of Just for Dinner, discussed in this episode, at


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Episode 100: A Chat With CLINT!!

August 10th, 2020

You guys have been asking for it for MONTHS, and we FINALLY made it happen! The one and only Clint joins us in studio for an interview unlike any other you've heard on our show before! Brian even takes the chance to put both Clint and Brenna in the hot seat regarding their dynamic....If there's a single episode of FPS you should be downloading, this is the one!

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Episode 99: Shower Me with Attention And Oral

August 3rd, 2020

Episode 99 of the sexy swinger and hotwife podcast, Front Porch Swingers, details yet another uncaging between Brenna and her cuckold friend, Ben. Brenna tells him in advance, "You can get out of your cage by showering me with attention and oral..." What ensues is an AMAZING experience, much of which Brian hasn't heard until it's shared on the podcast. Plus, we discuss how cuckolding has snuck into our own sexual fantasies....


AND you will not want to miss Episode 100! Coming next week, hear Clint's story, right from his mouth!


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Episode 98: A Lady Crush and a Soft Swap

July 27th, 2020

Episode 98 of the sexy swinger and hotwife podcast, Front Porch Swingers, details two very sexy things: Brenna's current lady crush on a tatted brunette, and her most recent naughty experience with "Clint!" PLUS, we finally reveal what we have in store for Episode 100! A jam-packed episode not to be missed! 


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