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Episode 15: Thank You, Listeners!


We are beyond excited to bring you an episode dedicated to our listeners! Episode 15 includes listener comments and stories, as well as a few questions that we answer. This episode is our way of saying thank you for 3 months of supporting us, reaching out, following us on social media, and in general just showing us an amazing amount of love. We are so lucky to have a network of amazing people like all of you! We also tease the next few podcast episodes, some of which will be our steamiest episodes yet!

If you aren't already, please follow us @FPSwingers on Twitter and Instagram. Check out our blog as well as partner offers and so much more at Please continue to email us your stories, comments and more at We are having a meet and greet at Alexis Park Hotel in the restaurant at 7 pm on Friday, January 25th. If you are in the Vegas area, come have a drink with us! We will be doing some onsite podcasting as well, so come provide us with a clip and get on the show! Plus, Brenna promises to have her tits out in full force that night!

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